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Wilmington Academy of Arts and Sciences



“When you are placing an order for school issued devices for every student in your school, the task can seem overwhelming and daunting! Not with Tech to School. We researched different devices and companies for months, trying to decide what was best for our school. One phone call to Tech to School, and all of my questions were answered.  I felt confident moving forward and purchasing 78 MacBooks from them. Not only were they able to give me specs and statistics on longevity of devices, they also offered a warranty.  Over the last several years, I have had very few issues with all of the devices we have purchased from Tech to School, but, what I can tell you is that the instant I detected a problem of any sort, Bonny and her team of people worked to make it right.  I have never gone without a device, or had to suffer with a lemon.  Tech to School takes the cake with customer service.  The are truly outstanding.”

– Stephanne Marsh

Technology Coordinator
Wilmington Academy of Arts and Sciences


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