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Refurbished Means more Technology, Easing Strain on Tech Budgets

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Mac to School committed to education, providing high quality ed-tech options for less 


(SANTA CLARA, Calif.) Oct. 29, 2013 – To educate a generation of 21st century learners, schools are doing everything they can to keep up with today’s technology. Given the budgetary challenges many districts are still facing, that’s easier said than done, as tech budgets are often first on the chopping block.  Mac to School is committed to easing that strain.


Robert Baker and Justin Sanderson, founders of MacService, recognized the uphill battle districts are facing, prompting them to take action, founding Mac to School in 2011, Baker and Sanderson solidified their commitment to the education industry, providing district administrators with options to get more high quality hardware, for less, in the hands of their students.


“Mac to School is 100% committed to education, we realize the power technology has in the hands of kids, as well as the budgetary challenges facing so many districts,” said Mac to School president and co-founder, Robert Baker. “Whether we are buying back older technology, or delivering refurbished machines, Mac to School eases budgetary concerns, allowing students to experience the best possible technology without breaking the bank.”

In addition to selling refurbished computers, Mac to School also offers to purchase outdated Apple products from districts that are looking to upgrade or make room in their budget for new computers.


“When a school district is ready to refresh its inventory of computers, we want to make sure they are aware they have options,” said Baker. “We’re happy to take their old computers off their hands so they can purchase the latest and greatest directly from Apple – that way, everybody wins.”


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