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Refurbished Apple MacBook Air vs. Chromebook


A lower price point has been the primary driver in adoption of Chromebook in the classroom. While Apple doesn’t offer new Macs that can get near the entry level Chromebook price point, Tech to School does sell refurbished Mac laptops that more closely compete in price with Chromebook.


Here are some of the key benefits we see in our refurbished Macs vs. Chromebook:


Devices educators and students want to use

Given the choice, most educators and students we’ve talked to would prefer to use Apple devices vs. Chromebooks. Apple is the platform they are more likely to use at home and in the workplace.

More durable devices means less downtime

Chromebooks are cheap because they are built cheaply. Apple devices will hold up better in classroom use and will suffer less failed components over time because they’re simply built better.

Access to iOS and Mac OS apps

Accessing “free” Google apps simply requires the Chrome browser which you can run on any Mac. Having access to iOS and Mac edu Apps allows for the greatest selection of edu apps for students and educators.

Lasting value

Apple devices hold their value for years to come, Chromebooks are almost not worth the hassle of selling after a year or two. The enduring value of Apple devices allows schools to trade-in or trade-up for newer devices more often.


Education customers can see what refurbished Macs we carry here:


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