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Florida School Gets More for Less

Article featured in THE Journal

By Leila Meyer


Pemayetv Emahakv Our Way Charter School in Florida has purchased nearly 200 refurbished MacBook Pros, iPads and iMacs at a cost 40 percent less than new products from Apple.


According to the school’s IT director, Shelley Brantley, cost savings were the driving factor behind the decision to buy refurbished devices. “We knew we needed to upgrade our technology, but it just didn’t make fiscal sense,” she said in a prepared statement. The refurbished option did make financial sense.


Pemayetv Emahakv School purchased the Apple devices from Mac to School, a company that buys, sells and refurbishes Apple computers and equipment for public and private schools throughout the United States. According to information provided by the company, “the district could have paid more than $100,000 to buy new technology directly from Apple,” but the school saved 40 percent by purchasing refurbished technology instead.

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EdTech Digest Interview

EdTech Digest Interviews Mac to School and Travis Hinman w/ Comal Independent School District

INTERVIEW | by Victor Rivero
December 20, 2013

credit-mac-to-school-imageHelping to get the best technology into the handsof as many students as possible, Robert Baker is the president and founder of Mac to School. The company buys, refurbishes and sells Apple computers and equipment and serves the public and private education markets working with schools and districts throughout all 50 states. Naturally, they strive to deliver the best value to their customers while providing the highest level of customer service.

Travis Hinman is a Systems Administrator at Comal Independent School District in Texas, a 19,000-student school district that is expected to nearly double in the coming decade. Travis joins Robert in answering questions about all that technology in schools and just exactly how refurbished computers provide a workable solution to district needs.

Technology is a tool that helps educators enable learning. Getting the best technology into the hands of students is a key component to their academic success.

Victor: What is your take on the role of technology in education today? And the next 5 years?

Robert: It’s a pretty exciting time for technology in education. There are a lot of new devices and services available for educators. Technology is a tool that helps educators enable learning. Getting the best technology into the hands of students is a key component to their academic success.

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CETPA 2013 Recap


Mac to School exhibited at the California Educational Technology Professionals Association (CETPA) conference in Pasadena, California on November 19 – 22 2013. This was our second industry show and was another resounding success.

The CETPA conference is a regional show and while much smaller than the big shows like ISTE, the level of engagement was outstanding. We got the chance to talk with a lot of folks and learned more about the needs of technology leaders in education. As always, the ability to meet with our current customers face to face was a big plus.

Looking forward to more conferences to come!


Booth was a success


Great to talk with educators face to face








Got the new booth set up in an hour


The shirts were a hit


Refurbished Means more Technology, Easing Strain on Tech Budgets

Featured in eSchool News

Mac to School committed to education, providing high quality ed-tech options for less 


(SANTA CLARA, Calif.) Oct. 29, 2013 – To educate a generation of 21st century learners, schools are doing everything they can to keep up with today’s technology. Given the budgetary challenges many districts are still facing, that’s easier said than done, as tech budgets are often first on the chopping block.  Mac to School is committed to easing that strain.


Robert Baker and Justin Sanderson, founders of MacService, recognized the uphill battle districts are facing, prompting them to take action, founding Mac to School in 2011, Baker and Sanderson solidified their commitment to the education industry, providing district administrators with options to get more high quality hardware, for less, in the hands of their students.


“Mac to School is 100% committed to education, we realize the power technology has in the hands of kids, as well as the budgetary challenges facing so many districts,” said Mac to School president and co-founder, Robert Baker. “Whether we are buying back older technology, or delivering refurbished machines, Mac to School eases budgetary concerns, allowing students to experience the best possible technology without breaking the bank.”

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Living the Dream in Union County Schools: Quality Hardware, for Less

Featured in EdNet Insight and School CIO

District purchases refurbished MacBooks from Mac to School

(SANTA CLARA, Calif.)  – Today, there are more than a hundred additional MacBooks in the hands of students in Georgia’s Union County School System (UCSS), and the district has budget to spare.  As is the case with any district, UCSS Technology department set out to find creative ways to obtain more high quality ed-tech devices for their five campuses, without putting an additional burden on their budget,


“The more we looked, the less we found that fit both our budgetary and educational needs, ” said Bill Driskell, Director of Technology at Union County School System.


During their search, the tech team found the refurbished MacBooks offered by Mac to School to be their best option, both for students and their budget.  After an extensive evaluation period, Driskell and his team made an initial purchase of 117 MacBooks, nearly double the number of new machines for the same price.

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ISTE 2013 Recap


Our first trade show is in the books!

Mac to School exhibited at the 2013 International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference in San Antonio. This was our first time attending as well and the energy was indeed “palpable.”

Highlights for us included getting to meet with some of our customers face to face, talking with educators about how they use Macs and checking out the other booths.

The entire process was a great learning opportunity for us and a lot of fun. More conferences to come!

Our first booth!

Our first booth!

Build-up in process

Build-up in process









Our wall of "mesmerizing" MacBooks.

The wall of “mesmerizing” MacBooks.

Matching Chucks, check!

Matching Chucks, check!


A letter to MacService customers


Today is the day we complete the transition from MacService to Tech to School. We started the Tech to School brand in 2012 as a way to focus on our education customers and it’s growth has been amazing. In order to continue to grow Tech to School we need to give it 100% of our focus and that’s why we’re transitioning from the MacService brand and consumer repairs. Tech to School would not exist without the customers, team members and support that made MacService successful.

Myself and co-founder Justin Sanderson started MacService in Cupertino, California in April of 2003. We were both 23 and shared a passion for customer service and all things Apple. We started as Mac Service Solutions and survived off of local consulting work and repair services. Our first retail shop was 600 square feet and we worked seven days a week to keep the lights on.

A couple of years into the business we borrowed $5,000 to purchase the domain and started experimenting with mail-in service. We were one of the first businesses to use Google adwords and part of their beta program. The very first day we went live with our online repair service we got an order and I can still remember how great that felt. Soon we were getting 10 repairs a day and in need of more space.

We moved to a 2,000 square foot building in Santa Clara, CA which would become our home for the next 10 years. We expanded over that time and grew to 6,000 square feet and were handling 50 repairs a day. The recession in 2008 hit us hard. We had to scale back staff by 50% and most of those who were left went without pay to keep the business afloat. We kept the focus on service and did our best to help our customers save money during that time. We came out of the recession and started looking at new ways to serve our customers.

Tech to School was born in 2012 out of a test to sell MacBooks in 5-packs. MacService had been working with schools across the U.S. to help with their repairs and when we started selling refurbished MacBooks we noticed that they were our best customers. After dialogue with some of our core education customers we decided to try and market directly to the education market under the Tech to School brand.

Today, Tech to School is a vibrant, growing company with an amazing customer base and passionate team members. Earlier this year we moved into a new 16,000 square foot facility to better serve our customers. Tech to School’s mission is to put the best technology into the hands of as many students as possible and we’re making a real difference.

There’s a sign above our main doorway that reads “Always give people more than they expect to get.” The values that helped MacService grow and survive are the same ones we’ll continue to live by. I want to say a big “Thank You” to all those customers, employees, partners and others who’ve helped us along the way.

– Robert Baker, Co-Founder & CEO of MacService / Tech to School


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