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Top 10 Simple Ways to Save Money on Your Tech Budget



September 9, 2014

By: Robert Baker Featured in Getting Smart

Picture this: You just invested in the “latest and greatest” EdTech for your schools. It’s a big purchase, but surely you can find ways to cut back in other areas, right? One month later, there’s something “later and greater” on the market, and now you don’t have the budget to afford the things you really need.

Thankfully, with a little creative financing and some strategic planning, you don’t have to blow your budget to get the best EdTech available. Here are 10 tips to help educators and administrators get the most bang for their buck.


  1. Put cases on everything. This may seem simple, but by putting a case on every tablet and laptop in your school, you’ll protect them from the nicks and scratches that will decrease their resale value.
  2. Buy recertified devices with good warranties. Do your students really need a brand-new iPad Air? Recertified devices often accomplish the same educational goals at a fraction of the cost. When you’re comparing your options, make sure you’re getting a solid one-year warranty with the ability to extend.
  3. Use DeployStudio or other imaging solutions to make imaging and machine management faster and easier.Installing operating systems and applications across hundreds of devices takes a lot of time. Free, open source solutions like DeployStudio can simplify the process and make software management across devices much faster.
  4. Get quotes to sell your old equipment before you purchase new devices. Would you accept the first offer a buyer made on your house just to be done with the headache? Of course not, so avoid that mistake with your old equipment. Shop around until you find the retailer who will give you the best deal.
  5. Sell at the right time. Rather than trying to sell your old devices at the end of the summer in a frantic scramble for extra funds, be strategic. If you sell your devices during winter or spring, you’ll likely get a better deal because there are fewer districts looking for resale vendors at that time.
  6. Never buy new carts if you can help it. There isn’t really much of a market for laptop/tablet carts outside of education. This means that used carts can be had for a fraction of the cost of new ones. Functionality is similar across brands, and reliability is generally pretty high.
  7. Use stickers as asset tags. While it’s important to have a good tracking system for all of your EdTech devices, permanent markers and engravings severely diminish the value of the devices when you sell them.
  8. Keep track of keyboards, mice and power adapters. These accessories are expensive to replace and will impact the resale value. You could even label each accessory with stickers that match the machine they belong to.
  9. Use a diverse mix of devices. Using a mixture of tablets, desktops and laptops will not only keep digital natives more engaged; it could also save you a few extra dollars.
  10. Leave extra room in your budget for training. A well-trained educator with good support is a much more valuable teaching tool than a higher end device in the hands of an unprepared educator

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Mac to School featured in the Fifty from ISTE

July 8, 2014

Mac to School was featured in the “Fifty from ISTE” ed-tech services from eSchool news!

“Mac to School said all of its refurbished MacBooks meet the standards for taking Common Core assessments—and the devices offer a cost-effective way to get technology into the hands of students as schools prepare for the exams.

For instance, California’s Academy of Arts and Sciences recently saved $245,000 by working with Mac to School rather than buying new technology directly from Apple, the company said.”

Check out the entire list here:

Common Core Ready MacBooks

June 25, 2014

As teachers and administrators gear up to adopt and implement the Common Core State Standards, it is critical for the technology in their classrooms to be up to par as well.

To ease that financial burden and meet these tech requirements, Mac to School, K-12’s leading provider of refurbished Apple technology, is taking care to ensure that all of its MacBooks are Common Core-ready for educators nationwide.

The technology requirements for Common Core assessments, as laid out by PARCC and Smarter Balanced, require devices to have a minimum of 1GB of RAM as well as the ability to run iOS operating systems 10.4 (Smarter Balanced) or 10.6 (PARCC). Every Macbook from Mac to School comes with a minimum 2GB of RAM and runs OS 10.7 or later.

“The Common Core standards are presenting new challenges for educators and administrators alike, making it even more important that our devices are not only affordable, but help them meet these new challenges with ease.  Each of our refurbished MacBooks are not only compatible with the tech assessment requirements for the upcoming school year, but several years after that,” said Robert Baker, co-founder and president of Mac to School. “We’re giving educators a low-cost technology solution that allows them to focus on learning, rather than on their devices.”

Buying refurbished MacBooks from Mac to School can also alleviate the financial burden on a district. California’s Academy of Arts and Sciences recently saved $245,000 by working with Mac to School rather than buying new technology directly from Apple.

“The fact that Mac to School offered MacBooks that were already prepared for Common Core was one of the main reasons we chose to partner with them,” said Sean McManus, the CEO of the Academy of Arts and Sciences. “Getting top-quality EdTech for such a low cost was just the icing on the cake!”

Read the DA Magazine Article

ISTE 2014 Photos

Mac to School exhibited at the ISTE 2014 Conference in Atlanta. This was our second time exhibiting at the ISTE conference and the show was a big hit. We’ll see you next year in Philly!

A big thanks to all of our customers who came by for a photo op. Here are some pics form the show:

Bra1hZACEAA0xIV.jpg-large BrdrM7cIgAEppOq.jpg-large

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Mac to School at iPadpalooza


Mac to School was at the 2014 iPadpalooza in Austin, Texas. We spoke at the iLead Acadmeny which is a workshop focused on school and district leaders tackling mobile learning initiatives.

A big thanks to everyone in attendance and Carl Hooker for organizing the show!


Mac to School Partners with GO for Cambodia Donations

May, 25 2014

Mac to School has partnered with Groundwork Opportunities to provide MacBooks and iPod touches for schools in Cambodia. Mac to School donated 4 MacBooks and 20 iPod touches to empower local leaders and help provide access to students. These devices were brought along and donated on a recent GO delegation trip.

Big thanks to the GO team for helping us get these devices into the hands of those that can use them most. Looking forward to more stories like this in the future!


GO is a 501c3 charity working to create a world beyond poverty by investing in groundbreaking ideas, empowering local leaders, and engaging communities. Get Involved or Donate today.

SmartBlog SIIA Takeaways


May 16th, 2014

Mac to School was highlighted as one of the top takeaways for the SIIA 2014 EdTech conference in San Francisco by SmartBlog for Education.

Here’s the excerpt

  • Cost-saving measures may not be “sexy,” but they may be more practical as schools seek to balance technology upgrades with tighter budgets. Mac to School is a company whose mission it is to offer affordable computers to schools. The refurbished-computer model helped one Los Angeles middle school save $50,000.

Check out the full article here.

Mac to School Donates to Reading Initiative

Mac to School donates MacBooks to myON’s Community Reading initiative in Hillsborough County Public Schools

Tampa, FL – May 08, 2014

Mac to School, leading provider of refurbished Apple devices to the K12 marketplace, has donated refurbished MacBooks to the Community Reading Initiative in Hillsborough County Public Schools. The donation comes at a perfect time: to support and encourage kids to read over the summer.

Mac to School donated MacBooks to the Taking Ownership of Reading Community-wide in Hillsborough County (T.O.R.C.H.) initiative, which aims to provide students with equal access to digital reading resources over the summer at no cost.

“Literacy is so important. We could not be more thrilled with how the community has come together to support our learners. The devices donated by Mac to School will be put in the hands of students who need them most,” said MaryLou Whaley, the director of parent and community involvement for Hillsborough County Public Schools. “We are grateful to the team at Mac to School for their generous donation.”

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Tech & Learning Tech Forum 2014

Mac to School was a sponsor at the Tech and Learning Tech Forum in Chicago on May 8, 2014. It was great to connect with our customers and meet some new friends along the way.



Chicago School Saves 50% on Macs

Featured in SchoolCIO 

Technology is so important at one Chicago Public School that it’s built right into their name: Spencer Technology Academy. When the elementary school made the decision to update their computer labs, leadership set out to find the best possible options, both for their budget and their students. They chose Mac to School, provider of refurbished Apple devices.

“At our school, it is imperative that students have access to high quality educational technology to facilitate their learning. In our search to find the best possible solution, we found that Mac to School was able to provide the service and quality we needed while staying well within our budget,” said Tracey Howse, the school’s lead technology teacher. “We were so impressed with the quality of their products and outstanding customer service that we have placed multiple orders with them since.”

By working with Mac to School to update their labs, the school was able to save more 50 percent on their purchase than if they had gone directly to Apple.

Spencer Technology Academy is one of five technology academies within Chicago Public Schools. The elementary school’s vision is to use technology as “a driving force to move students beyond their immediate.”

In addition to providing school districts with an option for purchasing refurbished computers, Mac to School also offers to purchase Apple products from districts that are looking to upgrade or make room in their budget for new computers.

Mac to School Donates iMac Lab

Santa Cruz, CA – May, 7 2014

Mac to School donated an iMac lab to Live Oak Elementary in Santa Cruz, California. This was the first donation through the Give Mac program.

Greg Stein, the Principal of Live Oak, was looking at creative ways to get more systems for his reading lab. Part of our Give Mac initiative is to be active in the communities that we serve.

We dropped off the iMacs in person, toured the school and got to spend some time talking with Greg about the challenges his students face with the lack of technology available.

We were happy to help make an impact in these students lives and look forward to more experiences like this in the future!



From left to right: Justin Sanderson, Co-Founder of Mac to School, Greg Stein, Principal at Live Oak Elementary and Amber Leimbrock, California Account Manager for Mac to School.

How to unlock the most value out of your tech assets.


Article from EdTech Digest | Tech & Learning
April 21, 2014 | By Robert Baker

How to unlock the most value out of your tech assets and streeeetch your tech budget.

Isn’t that everyone’s goal? To get more out of what you have, to maximize dollars already spent and limit funds being committed moving forward? Stretching every tech dollar further by implementing best practices for your current assets, looking at alternative sources of acquiring new assets and filling in budget gaps with creative funding are a number of ways

The easiest place to start is with your current IT assets, namely your high ticket, high volume devices like laptops, desktops and tablets. The way the assets are tagged, tracked and cared for can unlock more value than you might know and make management even easier.

Does a second-grader need a brand new iPad Air? Or could a refurbished iPad 2 at one-third of the cost be used to realize the same results?

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Introducing Give Mac

MTSlogoMac to School has launched our new charitable arm called Give Mac.

We are now donating a portion of our Macs and iPads to schools through our Give Mac program.

Give Mac is currently in a pilot program with select schools and giving partners.

For more information and to learn how you can get involved, please visit our Give Mac page


Charter School Saves $245,000 on Macs

Opening a new school can be costly, especially when you’re equipping students with the latest technology. But students at one new California charter school have access to the best EdTech devices on the market, and school leadership has room in the budget to spare.

Since the Academy of Arts and Sciences opened, administrators have purchased more than 350 refurbished MacBooks from Mac to School, the K-12 sectors leading provider of refurbished Apple devices.

“We searched everywhere for the highest quality technology available within our budget, and Mac to School was a perfect fit,” said Sean McManus, CEO of the Academy of Arts and Sciences. “Each time we’ve ordered from them, their customer service team has worked with us to make sure we get exactly what we need.”

While the district could have paid more than $350,000 to buy new technology directly from Apple, Mac to School was able to save them $245,000 on purchasing refurbished technology.

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