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LAUSD Saves $50,000 with Mac to School


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While the ambitious but costly tech rollout in L.A. Unified schools has made national headlines, one middle school in the district found a budget-friendly way to give students access to high-quality education technology.

Thomas Starr King Middle School purchased 35 MacBooks and 40 iMacs from Mac to School, K-12’s leading provider of refurbished Apple devices.

“Thomas Starr King is one of the highest performing middle schools in the greater Los Angeles area. To maintain the bar we have set so high, it is imperative our students have access to the highest quality technology available,” comments Mark Naulls, principal at Thomas Starr King.

Naulls has engaged Mac to School on a number of occasions, citing in addition to quality of tech, the emphasis the company puts on long term relationships with schools, customer support they provide as well as the warranties offered.

“We are always looking for creative ways to get the most instructional value for every dollar we spend,” said Naulls. “Buying refurbished computers from Mac to School allowed us to make the most of our technology budget without sacrificing the quality of the devices.”

While the middle school could have paid more than $85,000 to buy new technology directly from Apple, Mac to School’s refurbished technology only cost them $33,000.

“At Mac to School, we believe every student deserves access to the best technology on the market,” said Robert Baker, Mac to School’s co-founder and president. “We want to give schools the option to get more technology at a lower cost – without sacrificing quality or capability. Stories like King Middle School’s only reaffirm that mission.”

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