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Introducing Tech to School



Mac to School is now Tech to School.
Same great people, service and products, just a new name.


So why the change?

We wanted a new company name that would be more inclusive of different technology offerings while still keeping our focus on our education customers.

Will you still focus on Apple devices?

Absolutely. We’ve been an Apple centric company for over 15 years and will continue to be a leader in the space. We just want to open the door to other technology offerings to better server our education customers.

Did Apple make you change your name?

No. Although we are not an official Apple partner we’ve always enjoyed a good relationship with them and will continue to do so.

So did anything else change?

No, just the brand name. All warranties, quotes and service contracts are unchanged.

Our mission is as it was: To provide the best technology to as many students as possible. We believe that the best way to achieve that mission is by working closely with our customers and making great service our driving principle.

We look forward to working with you in the years to come!

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